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Major Manicure Mistakes We All Make

1. Applying thick coats of nail paints

It is the usual habit of most of the individuals to apply two, three or even more coats of nail paints. Doing this will not only make the nail paint look untidy but it will also make you nail paint finish more vulnerable to smudges. In order to make you nail paint look tidy and clean very carefully apply just one master stroke.

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2. Not using a base coat

According to the belief of a lot of individuals, using a base coat is not necessary, and a number of them also use the same shade as the base as well as the top shade. By adding on the base coat you can expect your manicure to stay for at least a couple more days.

3. Shaking your nail polish bottles

Shaking the nail polish bottles very vigorously is the practise that most of believe for an even mixing if the nail paint but very often this act results in production of bubbles. These bubbles can even climb upon the nail paint brush and reach you nails and make you nail look absolutely ugly.

4. Using quick dry type of products

The generation today believes in instant results and due to the same reason a large number of women believe in quick dry type of nail products. But, these type of nail paints not only make you nail polishes dry in no time, in fact they also take away natural shine and moisture of your nails making them super dry.



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